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The Investment

This is an unbelievable opportunity to be a part owner of the newest resort and watersports business in Jamaica. This is a multimillion dollar adventure only requiring a small startup investment of about $200,000
in capital. This paradise is located in Falmouth Jamaica and is recognized as the most beautiful beach in the country. This is the largest watersports business in all of Jamaica and the only one to have jet ski rentals.
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The Opportunity

Jamaica has a short fall in available hotel rooms. All inclusive resorts routinely reach 100 % occupancy during the November to May peak season. During hurricane season occupancy falls off to the 60 – 50 percent range. By assimilating the three parcels in this proposal a premier resort site emerges. A 30% gain in value is achievable through the assimilation of the three subject parcels alone. The long term gain by developing and constructing the resort present a very desirable return on a modest capital expenditure. An amenity rich, all inclusive resort is the highest and best use for this site. In addition to the benefits presented by the site itself, development to the east of a casino has been approved. Further more resorts with no beach at all are currently enjoying very high occupancy rates.

The Team….Florida based Captain Joe Spagnola and Florida Developer and Construction Expert Greg Hembree head up the development , design and construction aspect. Richard Veldman, a highly successful 40 year of resort property veteran will consult on design along with John Marks, General Manager of the Don Se Sar in St Petersburg for 25 years and currently performing start up for resorts world wide. John will perform his magic through start-up of this multi star resort.
The Jamaica team is headed by attorney Earnest Smith, a two time Parliament member. The process of flagging the resort starts with instigation of the design phase. Once operational the resort can be sold or principles may continue with ownership.
The Options

  • Assimilation of parcels then sell to a resort
developer at an approximate 30% profit.

  • Assimilate parcels, develop, construct 
and open resort under a flag.

  • Option B with a hold  and operate.

  • Assimilation of parcels, develop and
construct as a condotel, sell units 
and retain resort operations
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